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Your business represents a considerable investment of time, effort and money. It warrants the service of an agency that can provide a comprehensive analysis of all your insurance needs, offer insurance programs that are competitively priced and extend full protection to meet your specific needs.


You need an Insurance Agency that is large enough to market your account to more than one leading insurance carrier, yet focused on providing professional, personalized service.


Our agency Ovation Risk Planners, Inc. is that caliber of an agency. We provide the kind of quality attention and protection you and your company deserve. Representing more than 30 major carriers that we write directly with, specializing in every type of insurance coverage, we are able, and honored, to assume the responsibility of meeting your insurance needs.


Our recommendations are based on a careful analysis of the risks unique to you and your company. To this end, we will prepare a sound, competitively priced, insurance program to fit your needs.


We appreciate the opportunity to evaluate you and your company and the chance to discuss our insurance plan with you.


Ovation Risk Planners, Inc. was formed to meet the various insurance needs of commercial clients. When we started, our specialty was and still is contractors located in the downstate, New York region. All our management is equally well versed in the labor laws that govern those insurance risks and have a firm grasp on what the impact of those labor laws will be on our client’s insurance requirements. In recent years we have expanded our expertise to include Franchise Auto Dealerships, Restaurants and Hospitality, Commercial and Habitational Properties and Trucking and Transportations.

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